14 March Medicine Day messages: Meaningful, illustrated Medicine Day celebration messages…

14 March Medicine Day messages: Meaningful, illustrated Medicine Day celebration messages…

On March 14, the world celebrates Medicine Day to honor healthcare workers and advances in medicine. We can thank health workers for their service and dedication and support their work by sending illustrated, long, short, 14 March Medicine Day messages to healthcare professionals whose hard work and dedication are always appreciated.

14 March Medicine Day messages: Meaningful, illustrated Medicine Day celebration messages…

March 14, Medicine Day is celebrated to recognize the hard work and dedication of healthcare professionals around the world. This day has emerged as a reminder of advances in medicine and the importance of maintaining health.

Medicine Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of healthcare professionals and advances in medicine. Awareness can be raised about the sacrifices made by healthcare professionals and the impact of their work on society.


I congratulate the 14 March Medicine Day of all healthcare professionals, who do their best to make people live healthier and healthier, with great devotion, day and night, snow-mud, holidays-holidays, and who complete their assigned tasks on time and in full.

I congratulate the Medical Day of our doctors and all our healthcare professionals who devotedly work to maximize healthcare services in our country and make valuable contributions in the field of healthcare.

Happy 14 March Medicine Day to all healthcare professionals, especially our physicians, who work with great devotion. Good luck to you.

With the 14 March Medicine Day messages, you can express that you remember your loved ones and make them happy. You can reach the most beautiful Medicine Day messages and history from our news.

Only doctors are endowed with the magical powers of curing an illness, bringing health to our lives, and being there for us when all hope is lost. Happy Medical Day.

I kiss the hands of all our gracious doctors, healthcare workers and staff. Happy day.

Happy 14 March Medicine Day to all devoted health workers who try to fulfill our arduous profession in a manner worthy of human dignity.

Health is a crown placed on the heads of those whose bodies are sound. I congratulate the 14th March medical day of all health units.

Happy “14 March Medicine Day” to all our healthcare workers who work with endless patience and great effort in every corner of our country, without compromising the sanctity of human life.

Happy “14 March Medicine Day” to all our healthcare professionals who have chosen to deal with people, to keep people alive, to reduce their pain, to cure their problems, as their profession.

“Entrust me to Turkish physicians.” M. Kemal ATATURK

Happy 14 March Medicine Day to all healthcare professionals, especially our physicians, who are with us in every aspect of our lives. Good luck to you.


In the 1950s-1960s, it had become a tradition to publish a journal on March 14 by the student associations of the Faculty of Medicine. In these journals, the problems of students and physicians were highlighted. A medical student struggling with faculty lessons was also caricatured on the cover of this 1960 magazine.

On March 14, 1827, II. The establishment of the first surgery room under the name of Tıphane-i Amire and Cerrahhane-i Amire in the Tulumbacıbaşı Mansion in Şehzadebaşı, with the recommendation of Hekimbaşı Mustafa Behçet, during the reign of Mahmut II, is considered the day when modern medical education began in Turkey. 14 March, the foundation day of the school, is celebrated as the “Medical Day”.

The first celebration took place in occupied Istanbul on 14 March 1919. That day, under the leadership of 3rd year medical student Hikmet Boran, medical school students gathered to protest the occupation and the famous doctors of the time also supported them. Thus, the feast of medicine began as a homeland defense movement of the members of the medical profession.

Between 1929 and 1937, 12 May was celebrated as Medicine Day. Since this date was accepted as the date when the first Turkish medicine classes started at the Yıldırım Darüşşifa in Bursa, Medicine Day was held. However, this practice was abandoned over time and it became March 14 Medicine Day again.

Since 1976, celebrations have been held not only on March 14, but throughout the week that includes March 14, and this week is considered as Medicine Week.

Similar celebrations are held on different dates around the world. For example, the anniversary of March 30, 1842, when general anesthesia was used for the first time in surgeries in the USA; In India, 1 July, the birth (and also death) anniversary of the famous doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy, is celebrated as “Doctors’ Day”.

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