18-year-old sent to juvenile court

A young man is referred to the children’s court and the prosecution has requested his placement in pre-trial detention following messages threatening to commit attacks sent on the morning of September 19 by email to Norman schools, announced on Friday September 22, the Rouen public prosecutor, Frédéric Teillet, who requested his placement in pre-trial detention.

The young man will be summoned “before the children’s court at the beginning of October”declared the magistrate at a press conference. “I asked the JLD [juge des libertés et de la détention] to place the person concerned in pre-trial detention. It cannot be left to believe that such acts go unpunished by the judicial authority.”underlined Mr. Teillet.

Living in the Rouen area, where he is a high school student, “this young man, then a minor but now an adult, admitted the facts, explaining that he wanted to reproduce a similar alert of which he learned through social networks, but also to allow one of his clmates not to go to cl »explained the magistrate during a press conference. “The investigation did not reveal any radicalization of the person concerned”he clarified.

“The facts with which he is accused” relate in particular to “facts of death threats against people entrusted with a public service mission, death threats, and threats of destruction dangerous to people, since these are bomb threats”listed the magistrate, who requested his placement in pre-trial detention. “It cannot be left to believe that such acts go unpunished by the judicial authority”added Mr. Teillet.

Already sentenced in spring 2023

The accused, declared Mr. Teillet, “has already been sentenced twice in spring 2023” notably “for acts of malicious telephone calls, collection of personal data by fraudulent means (…) and provocation to the illicit use of narcotics”.

The charges against this high school student “caused 24 evacuations” concerning 16 establishments, for a total of “19,613 people”. They mobilized “161 police officers for their security and the removal of doubt”said the prosecutor.

In Rennes, a 15-year-old minor was arrested on Friday morning and placed in police custody after the evacuation of the Frédéric Ozanam school complex in Cesson-Sévigné on Wednesday following the receipt of an email containing a threat of attack. This is’“a student of this establishment”Who “admitted to being the author of the threatening message”said Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc, on X (formerly Twitter).

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