20 reasons to celebrate 20 years of Love Actually

The cult film by Richard Curtis, notably starring Hugh Grant, celebrates its twentieth anniversary on Sunday. Memories memories.

You’re not serious when you’re twenty. Or rather, we’re too serious. Twenty years ago, on December 2, 2003, the ultimate Christmas film was released: Love Actually . Little romantic nugget, the choral feature film by Richard Curtis is on television every year during the end-of-year holidays. It recounts the adventures of around twenty people tormented emotionally, amicably and even politically. Carried by a choice cast, Love actually celebrates its twentieth anniversary. For the occasion, Le Figaro worked hard – it’s in season – and found 20 good reasons to rewatch these two cult hours.

1. For Hugh Grant, at the height of its glory and charm. The Brit plays a handsome, single prime minister who is hesitant to make the first move to date his secretary (Martine McCutcheon). A situation that is now anachronistic.

2. For the opening scene: Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) get married in church and a surprise choir shows up singing a All you need is love great effect – the Beatles almost have reason to be jealous. Enough to make you want to attend a wedding.

3. For the moment Bob Dylan: Mark (Andrew Lincoln) stands in front of Juliet’s door and declares to her, thanks to a succession of signs (as in the clip Subterranean Homesick Blues of big Bob) his love because “We must tell the truth at Christmas”. A touching story where the couple is almost better as a threesome.

Andrew Lincoln thinks he’s Bob Dylan. / Bridgeman Images

4. For the swaying at 10 Downing Street by Hugh Grant on Jump, the Pointer Sisters’ hit. Enough to straighten all the popularity curves.

5. Simply for the Christmas spirit.

6. For Billy Mack (Bill Nighy), a slightly embittered old rock legend, who is absolutely desperate to make a new hit. It’s pathetic, but it succeeds: he ends up naked on a TV set.

7. For street choirs who make us regret that it is not widespread from December 1st to 25th.

8. For the melancholy of Sam (Thomas Sangster), 13 years old and in love with Joanna. As it’s a romantic comedy everything ends well.

9. For the thirty kisses exchanged throughout the film, which is a lot in this period – and dangerous given the number of viruses circulating.

10. For this very incorrect sentence: “Who do you have to knock over here to get a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits?” A prime minister shouldn’t say that.

11. For the subtle performance of Liam Neeson as a widower and stepfather who tries to survive and make his stepson happy.

12. For all the actresses who are far from playing extra: they have their character and shine in this ensemble film.

13. For the couple Jack and Judy (Martin Freeman and Joanna Page), intimate actor doubles. The fake sex scenes create some crazy moments. Typically quirky English humor.

14. For the very “golden oldies” soundtrack, where the Beach Boys rub shoulders with Otis Redding and . Unfortunately, you will not escape the All I Want for Christmas Is Youfortunately not signed Mariah Carey.

15. For its freshness, far from any ideology. Since then, Richard Curtis has put on his “woke actually” gles to watch his film again and cheer him on : the scene of the signs? “A stalker scene.” The dialogues ? Some jokesfatophobes» may have shocked. The casting? A clear lack of diversity. Romantic films were better before.

16. For the gently nasty criticism of Figaro, of December 3, 2003: “If you like mandolin and violin, go for it!»

17. For this exchange between David and the portrait of Margaret Thatcher (who was still alive at the time) which ends with a daring “little rascal”.

18. Because (for the moment) no sequel has come to spoil our pleasure – apart from a 16 minute short film. The rumor comes back like New Year’s Eve: every year.

19. For Emma Thompson, quite simply.

20. Because we haven’t done better since. Every year, all of Hollywood and even French cinema impose boring, heavy and failed Christmas comedies on us. It’s well known that Santa Claus only comes around once.

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