2027 presidential election: Édouard Philippe says he has “a fairly clear idea” regarding his candidacy

He opens the door wider and wider. Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe indicated this Wednesday that he had “a fairly clear idea of ​​how things could happen” concerning him in the 2027 presidential election, where the victory of Marine Le Pen is according to him “possible”.

“I don’t know what the 2027 presidential election will be like,” but “I have a pretty clear idea, yes, of how, when it comes to me, things could go,” said Édouard Philippe on France Inter, without going so far as to explicitly declare himself a candidate.

“It is premature to engage in tactics”

Favorite in the polls, the former head of government highlighted the risk of an election of Marine Le Pen, president of the RN group in the National embly. “This victory is possible” and “no one should have any doubt that it is possible,” he said.

But to date “no one knows the circumstances of 2027”, so “it is premature to play tactics”, he added. Interrogates on his link with Emmanuel Macronof which he was Prime Minister from 2017 to 2020, Édouard Philippe replied: “We will see what the French say, in any case I am not going to change who I am”.

“I am close to the President of the Republic,” he admitted, “but I am not completely identical to him either, neither in terms of style, nor even in all his convictions.”

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