23-year-old Venetian stewardess disappears in Arabia. The Farnesina: “Arrested for ”

TREVISO. She had disappeared into thin air after a flight in early May to a city in Saudi Arabia. A few hours after landing, her cell phone gave no signal. One day went by, then another.

Too many because she, a stewardess from Castelfranco, employee of a foreign airline, kept in contact with the family on a daily basis. For this reason, overwhelmed by anguish, the parents went to the police station to report their disappearance.

They feared a kidnapping or kidnapping. But not even 24 hours after the activation of searches through official channels, the answer came from Saudi Arabia: the Castellana stewardess had not disappeared.

She had been arrested shortly after her landing at Jeddah airport on charges of international drug trafficking. She and now she is locked up in the notorious Arab prisons.

For a yellow that resolves, another that arises. Because some swear that the girl arrested in the Arab country is at the center of a great misunderstanding.

Uncensored, daughter of a well-known and respectable family, model student, she, 23 years old, had never had anything to do with . The point is that in the Arab country the laws for those found in possession of are very strict.

If in Italy 50 grams of the drug are reported as consumers or at most reported for drug dealing, the mere detention of one gram for personal use in Saudi Arabia is punished with prison. And there you don’t know the meaning of “easy releases”.

The mystery that is keeping an entire family in the Castelfranco area on their toes began a couple of weeks ago when the 23-year-old stewardess disappeared into thin air after landing on a scheduled flight in Jeddah.

It is May 5th and the family members try to call her in the evening. Generally the girl, at each landing, sends a message to her parents to let them know that she is fine. But that evening no sign of life arrives from Jeddah.

The family begins to worry in the aftermath. The hostess’s cell phone is still switched off. The calls and messages multiply: “Everything okay?”, “Make yourself heard”, “Why don’t you call? We are worried”. No answers.

The anguish that something serious has happened to the girl increases by the hour. The darkest thoughts go through my head. A kidnapping, a kidnapping, the trafficking of white women.

After a couple of days, the parents go to the nearest police station to file a complaint. It is the formal act that allows you to activate the official channels of the prefecture, Interpol and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Farnesina gets in touch with the Arab authorities and provides the data of the missing young woman. It takes 24 hours to solve the mystery.

The answer comes from the Arab police: the Castelfranco hostess has not disappeared. She was arrested on the very heavy charge of international drug trafficking.

The reaction of the family members is that of relief because the girl is alive but also of deep concern. In the Arab country the law for anyone found in possession of is very strict, regardless of the quantity. The case, as is the practice in cases involving Italian citizens in a foreign country, will be dealt with by the public prosecutor of Rome.

Taken from the Tribuna of Treviso

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