24 taxis used in drug trade were seized – Sözcü

24 taxis used in drug trade were seized – Sözcü

Different types and various amounts of drugs were seized in the operations organized within the scope of the operation “to eradicate” against the poison dealers in Istanbul. Within the scope of the operation, which was followed and announced by the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu from the Istanbul Police Department, 163 suspects were caught, and 24 taxis allegedly used in drug sales were seized. The vehicles seized by the police during the operation were exhibited in the security yard.

24 taxis used in drug trade seized

The 42nd of the “extermination” operation, announced by the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu in the morning, was carried out by the teams of the Istanbul Anti-Narcotics Crimes Branch. After 16 months of work on suspects selling drugs on the streets, an operation was carried out this morning. 900 police officers consisting of 258 teams took part in the operation. In the study supported by the teams of the Special Operations Branch; A helicopter and an aircraft belonging to the Aviation Branch Directorate were also used.


The teams entered the addresses of 175 suspects identified during the months-long work of the police teams and detained 163 suspects. Searches were also made with 11 detector dogs trained in finding narcotic substances. During the searches, 3 kilograms of 390 grams of cocaine, 1 kilogram of marijuana, 90 grams of heroin, 3 grams of synthetic drugs, 8 precision scales, 4 pistols and 83 bullets were seized.


It was learned that the police teams seized 24 taxis as part of the operation, with the decisions taken by the prosecutor’s office. It was stated that the suspects were carrying drugs to addresses by taxis. The taxis that carried cocaine, especially in luxury districts and to the addresses where the complexes are located, were exhibited in the security garden.

72 kg of drugs seized

It was stated that during the 16-month work period of the police, interim arrests were carried out and 106 suspects were caught. It was learned that 72 kilos and 640 grams of drugs were seized during interim seizures, and 106 suspects were detained. In addition, it was stated that about 40 taxis carrying drugs to addresses and registered at different stops were identified and the vehicles were confiscated.

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