27 lost balloons, the De Bruyne nightmare, symbol of the Belgian fiasco

Belgium sank, beaten 2-0 against Morocco on Sunday. And the future in the Red Devils World Cup hangs by a thread. Kevin De Bruyne failed against the Moroccans as shown by a statistic noted by the Rtbf: “ Kevin De Bruyne didn’t show his best face and lost 27 balls. The second worst total for a Belgian player in the World Cup in the 21st century. He is also the holder of this sad record since he had lost 28 balls against France in 2018. »

On the Rtbf website, disillusioned, Philippe Albert summed up: “ Players are rocking the house in their clubs, and in this World Cup, they don’t want to. It’s incredible at that level. Against Canada already and here in the 2nd half (…) Morocco deserves its victory. They have a monstrous talent but you have to move. »

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