3 million 100 thousand people were murdered in 7 years

Ghada Fathi Waly, Head of the United Nations Office on and Crime (UNODC), stated that there are problems in the functioning of the justice system around the world, and that an estimated 3 million 100 thousand people lost their lives due to the murders between 2015-2021.

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3 million 100 thousand people were murdered in 7 years

The first of the 32nd Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was held at the UN Vienna Office with the participation of Csaba Körösi, President of the UN 77th General embly.

Waly, in his speech at the opening of the session, stated that instability and conflicts are experienced in almost every continent around the world, that many more people are exposed to organized crime and violence due to this situation, which makes justice even more inaccessible.


Pointing out that 30 percent of people in prisons around the world are treated as prisoners without trial, Waly said that this shows that there are problems in the justice mechanism.


Noting that drug trafficking, various organized crime formations and corruption have deprived countries of billions of dollars, Waly said, “According to the records, the number of forcibly displaced people fleeing conflicts and conflicts worldwide exceeded 100 million for the first time last year.” he said.

Emphasizing that when the rule of law prevails, everyone has access to justice, and people are protected from violence and exploitation, countries and societies will be in the best position to realize their development demands, Waly noted that the expectations for achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals determined by the UN in the light of developments in the world are not very encouraging.


Waly said, “An estimated 3.3 million people died from homicides worldwide between 2015 and 2021. Although there was a modest drop in homicide rates in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, it quickly reversed in 2021.” said.

Stating that a renewed determination is needed to overcome these challenges and fill legal gaps, Waly said, “With the work of the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Commission, we will be able to improve honesty, human rights and the rule of law, fulfill the 2030 goals, and gain the trust of young people and future generations. You can help lay the foundations for stronger institutions.” made its essment.

The commission will continue until May 26 with the participation of many side events and guests from different countries of the world. (AA)

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