4 red cards for Les Bleuets against Poland, the match stopped before the end

The Blueberries saw red. For the last day of the Lafarge U18 tournament in Limoges on Sunday, France faced Poland, after beating Estonia (3-0) and Scotland (5-1). The first period promised an exciting final. Led from the outset (5th, 0-1), the Habs managed to come back thanks to the successive achievements of Bentoumi (22nd, 1-1) and the Parisian Ilyes Housni (25th, 2-1), before being resumed in stride (27th, 2-2).

But the match turned into a nightmare in the second half. The second French scorer, Housni, received a red card after returning from the locker room (55th). Rennais Jeanuël Belocian was expelled shortly after (61st), as was Le Havre Yoni Gomis (72nd). Stéphanois Darnel Eric Bile ended the match after a very dangerous tackle and a header for which he also received a red card (75th), leaving his team at 7. Poland therefore won the tournament without going to the end of regulation time. She had nevertheless scored a third goal (70th, 2-3).

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