5 euros fine per unreported absence: Orléans hardens the tone for extracurricular and canteen

From this start of the school year, parents of students who do not respect the new school regulations of the city of Orléans will be subject to penalties. Any absence not reported to the canteen or to the morning or evening nursery five days in advance on an online platform will be sanctioned by a fine of five euros per activity, i.e. a possible total of 15 euros per day. And the same rate will apply if you do not respect this deadline to register your child punctually in the canteen or daycare.

To justify these changes, the town hall highlights the mess in the canteens of its 57 schools: 200 meals thrown away every day according to its statistics, i.e. 50,000 per year and 4,300 in the month of June 2023 alone…

She also cites recruitment difficulties to ensure extracurricular activities, which also lead to a reduction in homework istance, and underlines the need to better adjust the available staff to the workforce. “We sometimes expect 14 children and we have 4, the means are not extensible”, slice Régine Bréant, the elected official in charge of education.

“Not normal”

In schools, the measure is causing great concern. “We ask how it will go. I have many non-French-speaking families who are unfamiliar with the digital tool. And in case of illness, what do we do? These changes are likely to be problematic for the families most in difficulty”, is alarmed Christophe Daret, director of the Pauline Kergomar school at La Source.

Parents have launched a petition on the Internet, which totals nearly 550 signatures. The FCPE claims to be capable of “making noise”. “It is not normal that we make families pay for what the town hall cannot do”, deplores its president Christophe Pallier.

The municipality, it sticks to the new rules, voted unanimously at the municipal council in May. “It seems a bit harsh, but we will support the families. And for the well-being of the teams, it is important that this is put in place, ”adds the elected official.

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