5 goals against Sampdoria, Milan tries to forget the farewell to the Cup

MILAN. Calculations could not do and he has not done. With Sampdoria three points were needed and everyone took them, Milan: it ends 5-1 after 90 minutes whose epilogue has never been in question. If anything, it is Stefano Pioli who does the calculations on the eve: because the minutes to the triple whistle of the season are inversely proportional to the points that the standings need, to ensure that it is still the Champions League and because the numbers that do not add up are those of the alternatives . Before the race, Origi (adductor fatigue), Rebic (ankle trauma) and Vranckx (pubalgia) raised the white flag. It pours, on Saturday evening in Milan, but the San Siro thermometer is that of a stadium that doesn’t seem to hesitate in the run-up to the big Europe, at least in terms of heat. After the elimination in the semi-final derby in the Champions League it was not obvious that the temperature was high mercury in the column. Instead, on the day when Nereo Rocco would have turned 111, Milan did not betray themselves and to warm up the coldness of those who still have in their eyes the farewell to the Champions League final, think Leao: Diaz dribbles and raises it, Gunter is unable to intervene and the Portuguese supports the right plate for the advantage in the nine minute. After the 2-0 win against Spezia, the Blucerchiata Liguria are unable to create particular worries for the Devil. The league table has nothing more to say or give, but the former Inter player Stankovic doesn’t agree to fielding a submissive Sampdoria. So much so that the Modenese Zanoli escapes to the right between Theo Hernandez and Brahim, putting in the middle for a Quagliarella who hasn’t scored in 20 games and who instead scores his 182 goal in the 20th minute in Serie A, the one that equals.

In the evening that commemorates the victims of the flood, Ravaglia from Forlì also took center stage, with a reflex that erased Thiaw’s header. Except that from the new flag shot, Diaz serves for Giroud’s winning goal: Milan ahead again. Shortly after, even the stretch: Tonali launches Leao, Gunter overwhelms him in the area, takes the yellow card and concedes the penalty. Giroud again, like 5 minutes earlier, makes the Meazza rejoice. Krunic opens his right plate too much, as well as Leris’ right-footed volley at the beginning of the second half, on the diagonal to Quagliarella’s kiss. Giroud has a couple of chances (support from Brahim and Calabria), the guests arrive at shooting with Gabbiadini. Then, to serve poker, Milan put on tails: all first-time action, with the final triangulation Leao-Tonali-Brahim, for the sixth goal by the Spaniard. Giroud makes the five: cross from the left by Leao, the strong French anticipates Nuytinck and in two stages sends into the net from close range, with Diaz limping and touching his groin. There is room for a blaze of Saelemaekers and a bit of academy that makes you so confident, like Giroud’s overhead kick from an angled position. Three points for Milan, bad night for Doria. Who after 11 years says goodbye to San Siro and waits for better days. He will start again from Serie B, at least his fans hope so.

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