55 children and 140 adults are missing in the earthquake zone

55 children and 140 adults are missing in the earthquake zone

Deputy Director General of Police Resul Holoğlu gave information about the missing applications in the earthquake area at the Parliamentary Child Abuse Investigation Commission.

55 children and 140 adults are missing in the earthquake zone

The Parliamentary Child Abuse Investigation Commission, which was established after it was revealed that Yusuf Ziya Gümüşel, the founder of the Hiranur Foundation affiliated to the İsmailağa Community, had his daughter married at the age of 6, with an “imam wedding”, today announced that the Ministry of Justice, Family and Social Services, Interior, Health and National Education ministries of earthquake gathered to listen to his work on children in the region.

Deputy Chief of Police Resul Holoğlu shared the identification studies in the earthquake area and the number of citizens reported missing. Hologlu said:


*Delivery of the children rescued or found separately from their families in the earthquake zone, ensuring that the delivery is made to the health officials first, recording the building number or place where the child was found or rescued in case it is not possible to deliver to the health officials, providing the identity information of the delivered persons and photo identifications, and recording the vehicle information of the delivered persons; Personnel were assigned on a twenty-four hour basis in the earthquake zone and all law enforcement units where patients were sent from the region for the sole purpose of following and carrying out these procedures for children who were victims of the earthquake, with the aim of recording the address information at the scene by means of video and pictures, and full recording of the information of the health institution delivered.

*According to the circular on ‘children affected by the earthquake, without identity or unable to express themselves’, published by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, processes such as taking pictures of our children who were not identified, and revealing their physical characteristics, were carried out in order to identify the children whose treatment was completed in hospitals, and their family bonds were completed. Our children, who cannot be found, are delivered to the provincial directorates of family and social services.

“3 thousand 602 of them were identified”

*Special teams are established in our Ministry and in the provinces in the region to find the children who have been found missing in the earthquake area, and studies are carried out meticulously to find the missing children.

*In order to facilitate the identification of our unidentified children, who lost their lives and were buried under the rubble after the earthquake, in future studies, physical characteristics, photographs and DNA samples of these people were taken.

*In addition, after these DNA samples, fingerprints of individuals whose identity could not be determined by our criminal units were taken and entered into the system, and 3,602 of them were identified; This is for all the deceased, not just children.


*Within the scope of the identification studies regarding the children who were in the region after the earthquake and could not express themselves, 51 children under care and supervision in the Ministry of Family and Social Services institutions in 15 provinces and 162 unidentified children who were treated in the institutions of the Ministry of Health, 137 of them are between 0-1 years old. In line with the decision taken by the Hatay Criminal Court of Peace, DNA samples and photographs are taken to determine their identities, and identification studies are continuing.


*As of March 8, 2023 (today), there are applications for missing 55 children on the grounds that they were lost due to disaster in the earthquake zone. Efforts to find these children are still in progress.

*After the applications for missing children due to disaster, in the studies carried out by our Ministry, it has been determined that 7 children have a death record, 2 children’s funerals were identified by their relatives and 2 children were treated in hospitals, whose DNA results were awaited.


*Apart from the studies carried out so far, the families of 3 babies were identified through the DNA study, and the delivery process was initiated by the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

*As a result of the joint efforts of our Ministry, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health, together with all these efforts, the relevant ministries contributed to the process of handing over 1,613 children to their relatives, as a result of cooperation and coordination in the studies carried out on the detection, diagnosis and delivery of children who cannot express themselves. .

*So many children have been handed over to their relatives. These are the numbers we can give about these numbers. I told the number about the children, so far, applications for major disappearances are still being sought in 140 adult disaster areas due to missing persons, so these are the applications, official records. (PHOENIX)

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