57% of organizations are affected by data bias in Brazil

It is not new that one of the most delicate issues when we talk about big data It is Artificial intelligence and the decision bias. Now, a global study conducted by Progress, a software company for application development and infrastructure listed on the nasdaqshows that this issue is affecting almost 60% of companies in Brazil (58%).

The Data Bias: The Hidden Risk of AI research (“Data Bias: the hidden risk of AI”, in Portuguese), conducted by independent research firm Insight Avenue, surveyed more than 640 business and IT professionals worldwide, in management positions and above, who use data to make decisions and who use or plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML or machine learning) to support your decision making.

And it shows that, worldwide, 78% of business and IT decision makers believe that data bias will become a concern higher as AI/ML use increases, but only 13% of them are currently addressing this and have an ongoing evaluation process. In Brazil, 57% of organizations claim to suffer from data bias82% believe that having a sustainable approach to the issue will allow for growth in confidence in the decision automationand 75% confirm they need to do more to address this issue.

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