A breeder of “Love is in the meadow” tried for abandoning animals

Laurent Levacher of season 15 of the M6 ​​agricultural dating program has had his 400 cattle withdrawn. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation filed a civil action.

My name is Levacher and I love my cows, it’s a pion“. This is how Laurent Levacher, candidate for season 15 of “Love is in the meadow”, defined himself in his portrait. But this Friday, September 1, it is before the justice that he must appear, in correctional.

The breeder from Vatteville-la-Rue in Normandy is to be tried on September 8 for abandonment of animals, as reported by our colleagues from Paris-Normandy . Since 2020, the administration has regularly given Laurent Levacher formal notice for serious breaches of animal protection rules. His 400 suckler cattle would lack watering and quality feed. “The living and keeping conditions of the cattle present on the farm [étaient] incompatible with the physiological needs of their species», Indicates a press release published by the prefecture of Seine-Maritime.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is a civil party

His lawyer Me Romain Degoutte stresses that these are not accusations of abuse, but of abandonment because there would be no voluntary abuse on the part of his client. His defense could be based on the precarious situation of the breeder overwhelmed by the situation. He adds, however:Laurent Levacher denies having abandoned his animals that he loves more than anything. He never stopped caring about it. I reserve my explanations for the audience“.

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The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has filed a civil action against Laurent Levacher. On March 10, some of its members were present during the cattle removal operation, under the authority of the Rouen public prosecutor. The veterinary services found numerous corpses on the farm and were forced to euthanize an animal deemed to be in great pain.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation took care of the animals to place them in “refuge farms”. Since the intervention of the State, Laurent Levacher is under the blow of a temporary prohibition to exercise the profession of breeder.

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