a child protection ociation withdraws Cyril Hanouna from its sponsors

Last Thursday, one of the guests of “TPMP” relayed on set in front of the host a conspiracy theory according to which children are being kidnapped and their blood stolen.

Lunar sequence, last Thursday March 9 in “Do not touch My TV”. Gérard Fauré, who presents himself as a former jet-set dealer and is now steeped in conspiracy, has multiplied his exits from the runway. The guest explained, with aplomb, that there is a drug called adrenochrome, made from the blood of children abducted in Morocco.

Not happy to relay this conspiratorial fake newsthe interested party added “to think there is a history of adrenochromein the Pierre Palmade case, qualifying Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé as “child criminals“, and citing Celine Dion and Emmanuel Macron as consumers of the substance in question.

“Child protection is a serious subject”

On his side, Cyril Hanouna did not really play the role of safeguard: A lot of people on the networks say that Gérard raises something that is real (…) It is a practice that apparently exists. It’s very serious, it’s important that he says it”ures the host, visibly not afraid a new sanction from Arcom – which was entered after the broadcast. The C8 channel published a tweet for firmly condemn the comments made live by Gérard Fauré in the program “Touche pas à mon poste” ».

This sequence prompted the ociation Les Papillons, which works for the protection of children, in particular against violence, reconsidered the presence of the star of C8 among its sponsors. “We are committed to ensuring that the words of an ambador cannot harm the ociationexplains its president Laurent Boyet. I was shocked that we could, in a program followed by more than a million and a half people, convey this kind of theories without any contradiction.»

After a period of reflection, the ociation therefore decided to remove him from the list of its ambadors, which includes the actors Valérie Kaprisky, Pierre Richard and Loup-Denis Elion, or the footballer Alice Benoît. ” Child protection is a serious subject, which is not compatible with a sequence like thiscontinues Laurent Boyet. When we want to ensure that children free their speech, we do not lend themselves to child abduction theories. »

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This police captain explains that, so far, he ” returned about once a year “on the set of C8” when we needed to say something, and Cyril Hanouna saw something interesting in it. » After a first stint in “Swing your post” on C8, during a program of testimonies on incest, Laurent Boyet had asked the host to sponsor Les Papillons when it was created, three years ago. A highlight that had proven effective.

The ociation works by placing mailboxes in schools and sports establishments, in order to collect the testimonies of children in suffering. Two hundred and twenty boxes have already been installed in some sixty French towns. Incivility and bullying at school, family violence, violence… A dozen volunteers – doctors, psychologists or specialized educators – take turns to analyze the words filed. Some become worrying information transmitted to the department, or reports, which lead to a referral to the judicial authority. According to the Ministry of Health and Prevention, 160,000 children are victims of and ault each year.

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