A columnist of “Do not touch my post” seen this evening in “C à vous”

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Jean Rochefort and Danielle Moreau at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Screenshot

VIDEO – While Cyril Hanouna has been violently attacking France Télévisions for a few days, a regular at “TPMP” found herself in spite of herself in the talk of France 5, relocated to the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

The times when the universes of “C à vous” and “Touche pas à mon poste” intersect can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, this Friday, May 26, the incongruous happened. Anne Elisabeth Lemoine’s team closes its fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. For the first time, the France 5 talk moved to the Croisette to receive filmmakers, actors and actresses who have come to present their films. For the latter in public, before returning to their usual set, “C à vous” received Orlando Bloom, Andie MacDowell, Eva Longoria, but also Vincent Lacoste, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Vincent Delerm.

The latter offered a live cover of the song Navy Sweater, performed in duet with Janie. Vincent Delerm is a musician, but also a director. In 2019, he shot his first film, the documentary I don’t know if it’s everyone. A feature film which will be the last appearance in the cinema of the late Jean Rochefort, who died two years earlier after the shooting. The opportunity for Pierre Lescure to recall that the actor was a member of the jury in 2003, under the chairmanship of director Patrice Chéreau. “This responsibility did not prevent him from clowning around” announces Pierre Lescure before launching the archive tape recorder of the show “C’est au program”.

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“You are not allowed to talk about the films because you are a member of the jury, so we are going to do a silent interview” can we hear first in voiceover. Indeed, there is an inviolable and sacred rule in Cannes film festival, no member of the jury must speak about the competition to the press before the announcement of the winners. Then the face of the journalist appears. The sequence is funny, but the most attentive will have recognized the face of Danielle Moreauwho has since become a columnist in “Touche pas à mon poste”.

Jean Rochefort and Danielle Moreau at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Screenshot

Irony of the calendar

The irony is such that in recent days, Cyril Hanouna is particularly virulent towards France Télévisions. He accuses France 5 to have produced “a documentary to charge” against “Don’t touch my post” with The factory of lies. At the start of the week, the troublemaker of C8 even declared: “They take images from several months ago without calling us. You will receive the bill tomorrow, it will be salty, it’s 10,000 euros per minute. You will see, it will cost you dearly this documentary“.

In the same show, he threatened “Further investigation” who is currently preparing an issue on him. “This Further investigation, you will see, they will do it. It will be the end of Further investigationbehind because I’m going to put my nose in it and you know that when I put my nose somewhere, generally, I often blow everything up” he said.

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