“A desperate collective” plague Haise, “forced to be worried”

The general manager of Lens makes a lucid observation after his team’s new poor performance.

Franck Haise, coach of Lens, beaten 3-0 in Monaco :

It’s a collective that is desperate, a collective that did not start its match strong enough, not just a defense. Against Monaco, which is very confident and was superior in the impact, you are safe from nothing, and especially not on set pieces. We have to be worried in these conditions. (…) With 10 goals taken in 4 matches, I can’t say that I’m not worried otherwise I wouldn’t be lucid. We will insist on the fact that he lacks commitment. There was shyness. We can put that on doubt. But we must resume what we do well. Playing with a lower, less open block does not mean being less aggressive. (…) Now that things are more difficult, we must remain united and do more. Whatever happens, we must not end up with regrets. However, we have regrets beyond the result. If the players are waiting for Fofana and Openda to be there against Metz, they can wait a long time. They are no longer at the club. It’s another story to write, even if it starts off difficult.»

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