A documentary on Emmanuel Macron is being prepared, with the “artistic gaze” of Cédric Jimenez

The President of the Republic will be entitled to a new documentary about himself. A team is currently following Emmanuel Macron for this film, on which he collaborates director Cédric Jimenezcommunicated this Friday on franceinfo the CEO of the production company Mediawan Pierre-Antoine Capton. “We have two directors following him and we are working on a film,” he declared on public radio, confirming information from the newspaper La Tribune Sunday.

“We asked Cédric Jimenez for an artistic look, but it’s not him who realizes it,” he said about the director of “Bac Nord” and “November”. According to Pierre-Antoine Capton, this project should have remained “in secret” for the moment, but “there was a leak” (a leak, editor’s note) in La Tribune Dimanche. After a first documentary on his 2017 campaignthe initial idea was to follow Emmanuel Macron “during his second campaign” in 2022. But “everything was impacted by Ukraine, by lots of subjects, and so we continued to film”, clarified the boss of Mediawan.

“We have sequences that are incredible, never seen before”

According to La Tribune Dimanche, “filming will continue at least throughout 2024 which, from the Olympics to the ceremonies of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, will be rich in spectacular events”. The terms of broadcast of this documentary have not yet been decided, ured the CEO of Mediawan. “Today we are leaving ourselves open to all the possibilities, perhaps internationally, perhaps in France on a platform, perhaps a series, we don’t know yet. All I know is that we have sequences that are incredible, never seen before. »

Founded in 2015 by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pige, the Mediawan group is a heavyweight in production, distribution and broadcast of films, series and streaming programs. It brings together more than 70 production labels, gradually acquired in France, Europe, Africa and North America.

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