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REVIEW – A beautiful documentary tells how the wife and daughters of the leader who died in 2002 lead a flourishing group. Not to be missed, this Sunday March 5 at 3:05 p.m. on France 2, as part of Laurent Delahousse’s new program “Hotels and legendary houses”.

Bernard Loiseau chose to leave on February 24, 2002. Twenty years later, three musketeers are taking over from a legendary 3-star: Dominique, his wife, Bérangère and Blanche, his two daughters. “Legendary hotels and houses”, a new event proposed by Laurent Delahousse, tells the story of a family more united than ever to run the hotel-restaurant in Saulieu, La Côte d’Or, but also what is become an international brand.

Develop the group

The day after the disappearance of her husband, Dominique announced that she was taking up the torch. She swore to do everything to save and even develop the group he had founded by working up to eighteen hours a day. Two decades later, the bet has been won, and the time has come to prepare the next generation. Bérangère is now the vice-president of a mini-empire to which has just been added La Tour d’Auxois, a small hotel located opposite La Côte d’Or, which her father had always dreamed of acquiring. The deed of purchase was symbolically signed in front of the cameras. The Bernard Loiseau group is also expanding by opening in Besançon, Loiseau du Temps, a restaurant whose kitchen will be directed by Blanche. Images show her in the process of establishing the menu, from a recipe book written by Bernard Loiseau a few months before his disappearance.

Never-before-seen family images

The founder is also present through archive images recounting the journey of a man who gave everything, including his life, for his job. He acts as a guide by showing the kitchens but also the original dining room in Saulieu, where Orson Welles, Edith Piaf and many others discovered the dishes, then cooked by Alexandre Dumaine. Always smiling, despite the anxiety of having to do better, we find Bernard Loiseau evoking his apprenticeship in Roanne with the Troisgros brothers, his time in Paris, at La Barrière de Clichy, and his arrival at La Côte d’Or, then at the abandonment. Unpublished family images, shot by Dominique with a camcorder, punctuate his pionate remarks.

The taste of real life

What would he say today in the face of the lack of vocations which threatens the restoration? It would undoubtedly be the example to follow, like La Barboulotte, an artisanal farm in the Morvan where the Loiseaus buy fruit and vegetables. The employees, former executives, victims of a burn-out after their dismissal, chose to leave the city and settle in the countryside. To learn a new job and rediscover the taste of real life.

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