a ghost in full spleen

a ghost in full spleen

Clay (Clay Tatum) in his film


Clay calls himself a photographer, but he spends most of his life sprawled on his couch. Gazing at her toes is one of her favorite pastimes. It’s been a long time since this indolent forties no longer believed in the magic of Hollywood, where he realized that even to be a waiter you had to be a model. He did try a new haircut, but nothing came of it except for a few furrowed eyebrows.

Left to himself for a weekend, he awaits the return of his companion, with the mission of getting moving. The idea he is most proud of? Impersonate a real estate agent and take deposit money from potential tenants. His few gains are enough to reinvigorate him. Here he is on a wasteland, ready to machine-gun a mattress, in search of inspiration. That’s when an old friend comes into his frame: Whit looks like he’s alive, but he died a few weeks ago…

Far from Ghostbusters and other spectral excesses stuck in the adventure film or the romance Chamallows, Ghost Therapy innovates with next to nothing (30,000 dollars), two actors who are also authors (Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas), few digital effects, a few streets and two houses for scenery… For the first time, a ghost does not frighten many people but scares himself. Deprived of touch, he can no longer drink or make love, not even pass through walls, and no one sees him, except Clay. What will become of it? Is he doomed to eternal boredom?

Sarcastic dialogues

At first glance, we guess the influences of Tatum: Woody Allen and his living dead who arrive in the living room to listen to some confidences, but also HAS Ghost Story (2017), by David Lowery, mown essay on passing time with a sheet as an effect from beyond. Filled with sarcastic dialogue and full of self-mockery, this buddy movie subtly manages to circumvent all the obligatory scenes of the genre to capture the spleen of the particularly sensitive ghost in scenes of all elegance. On a subway platform, for example, Whit’s mauve trench coat floats beside his friend and stands out from the common living by its grace.

In this beautiful allegory where we see existence reflected in death, the film never loses sight of its comic mood. Increasingly disturbed in his lethargy by his ghost, Clay makes every effort to get rid of it. A way to come back to reality.

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