A lawsuit opened against Mike Tyson for an alleged rape

As unveiled by Times Union of Albany and relayed by Sports Illustrated, boxing legend Mike Tyson, 56, has been on trial since early January for rape. A woman accuses him of having sexually abused her in the early 1990s, and claims 5 million dollars in damages.

A sworn statement

According to the plaintiff, who gave an affidavit, Tyson had invited her in a limo to Albany, capital of New York state, under the guise of taking her to a party. Once in the car, Tyson would have “started kissing her, ignored her pleas to stop, took her pants off” and would have “raped”.

She was able to lodge a complaint based on theAdult Survivors Acta New York state law that allows victims of sexual misconduct to sue the perpetrators — and the institutions that empowered them — in civil court, no matter how long those incidents took place.

As a reminder, Mike Tyson had already been sentenced to six years in prison for rape in 1992, and had been released on parole after three years.

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