a “long to take shape” victory, but “deserved” for Paris according to Galtier

a “long to take shape” victory, but “deserved” for Paris according to Galtier

The PSG coach returned to a press conference on his narrow victory in Brest this Saturday (1-2).

Christophe GaltierPSG coach, after the 1-2 victory against Brest on Saturday:

The victory took a long time to emerge, obviously in the scenario it may seem hard for Brest but we had seven chances and scored two goals. We did a good half hour. We had favorable situations. On the number of occasions, our victory is deserved. It comes three days after Munich, we had to remobilize everyone to say that there was a very important objective, to get this eleventh title, which will be a record in France. The supporters were very numerous this evening and in Munich, we must also for them not to let go. It is normal that in this match, there are sometimes situations where we seemed to be less well, we knew how to react well, there is no small victory (…). The day after Munich, obviously it was difficult, on Friday the players talked a lot among themselves, I spoke to them, today during the trip, there was concentration, the desire to go for a victory. But as the match progressed, there was fatigue, I didn’t feel any spleen (…). We shot 17 times on goal, we hit the crossbar, the goalkeeper made saves, there are difficult moments in a match. Is it a relief no, we are four wins (in a row in L1, editor’s note), I am satisfied.»

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