a majority of French people in favor of limiting heating to 19 degrees

According to an OpinionWay survey for The echoes, 81% of French people approve of limiting temperatures in public places and businesses, 71% for their homes.

The French are visibly ready. While Europe and France are going through an energy crisis - one of the consequences of the war in Ukraine - and the government has extended the tariff shield while extending the energy check in force to other more modest categories, the French are prepared to make an effort next winter. And this, so that the bill does not explode and that gas or electricity cuts do not take place. According to an OpinionWay survey for The echoes, 81% of respondents are in favor of limiting the indoor temperature of public buildings and private businesses to 19 degrees, as recommended by the executive. 71% are ready for such a measure for their home.

If the French are willing to make an effort - in a context where energy prices will increase by 15% next year, according to the government - other provisions are less accepted. In particular those concerning restrictions in terms of quantity. 57% of French people are in favor of gas and electricity rationing for businesses during the most consuming hours. 40% are ready to apply it in their home. In the event of a power source shortage, a majority of respondents - 56% - want to favor the supply of individuals rather than companies. In total, 71% of French people are concerned about the current situation. “This situation fuels the idea of ​​a downgrading“, specifies Frédéric Micheau, deputy general manager of OpinionWay.

Sanctions approved by the French

If the French are worried, they consider themselves more favored than other Europeans. Two thirds of them consider that the rise in energy prices is less significant than in Spain, Germany or Italy. The same proportion also continue to support the sanctions imposed on Russia, while questions of the usefulness and effectiveness of these measures still debate. Among those who show more moderate support, rebellious sympathizers (60%) and those of the RN (55%) come out on top. French people on the right (87%) or who support the presidential majority (91%) are largely in favor.

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