a new police officer indicted in a file of alleged leaks of confidential information

A police officer was indicted Thursday in particular for “misappropriation of national defense secret by its custodianin the judicial information relating to suspicions of leaking confidential information for the benefit of PSG, a judicial source said on Friday.

This policeman was also indicted for “violation of professional secrecy” and “misappropriation of the purpose of processing personal data”, added the source, confirming information from Le Monde.

He was placed under judicial supervision.

He is at least the second police officer indicted in this case, in which three first indictments were pronounced in September, in particular for influence peddling and corruption. A first police officer on availability, ex-member of the DCRI, Malik Naït-Liman, ex-policeman of the intelligence services, hired in 2018 as a supporter referent at PSG and the Franco-Algerian lobbyist Tayeb Benabderrahmane were targeted.

They are suspected of having transmitted confidential information on certain people from police files, in particular to the Parisian football club.

The story with drawers, mixing suspicions of private espionage, blackmail and accusations of torture, broke out at that time, and has since continued to expand, with several protagonists accusing the boss of PSG Ner al-Khelaïfi of having wanted to destroy compromising documents linked to Qatar’s obtaining of the World Cup.

“NAK” has since announced a defamation complaint against Tayeb Benabderrahmane, who implicates him and whom he accuses of having wanted to disclose personal documents belonging to him, including these exchanges linked to the Qatari World Cup.

The lobbyist for his part filed a complaint in 2022 with a civil action for torture, kidnapping and forcible confinement and thus obtained the opening of a judicial investigation at the end of January. According to a source close to the case, he was heard on March 30 by the three investigating judges of the Paris court in charge of the investigations.

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