A public consultation launched to prepare for a warming of +4°C

Citizens are asked what they think of a reference warming trajectory for the adaptation of France
at +4°C in 2100.

DECRYPTION – In a France at + 4 ° C, heat waves could last up to two months, water shortages, become the norm.

Drought, heat waves, receding coastline… The effects of global warming are increasingly visible. And despite all the efforts made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the planet will continue to warm. France must therefore adapt… but to what?

Previous adaptation strategies referred to the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C by the end of the century. Gold, IPCC believes that this threshold will probably be crossed in the next decade; and if we rely on current global commitments in terms of lower emissions, the planet is heading more towards a warming of 3°C by 2100. This is equivalent, for Europe, to a rise of 4°C, in part because the land is warming faster than the ocean surfaces that are included in the average.

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In France at +4°CTHE heat waves could last up to two months, water shortages become the norm. The fall in GDP would be understood…

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