A Russian man was sentenced to 15 years for allegedly preparing an explosion in Kursk

The Second Western District Military Court sentenced Ramazan Murtuzov to 15 years in prison on the charge of preparing an explosion in a shopping center or station in Kursk. This was reported by T with reference to the press service of the court.

The first three years Murtuzov will be in prison, the remaining term – in a colony of strict regime. He was also sentenced to a fine of one million rubles and restriction of freedom for one and a half years.

The court said that during the recruitment of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Russian took the pseudonym Pilgrim, and after the arrest, he admitted his guilt.

The detention of Ramazan Murtuzov, a native of Khasavyurt with the nickname Pilgrim, became known for the first time on September 25, after the program “Vesti Nedeli” showed a story about the “opened network” of Ukrainian saboteurs, reports the Russian service of “BBC”.

Three days before that, the FSB announced that it had prevented “an attempt by the Ukrainian special services to commit a sabotage-terrorist act at the object of the oil and gas complex.” The suspect’s name was not mentioned at the time, but his year of birth and the circumstances of his detention matched the description from the TV show.

From the story of “Vestei Nedeli” it followed that Murtuzov was detained in the Volgograd region, and “two powerful explosive devices” were seized during the search. At the same time, the court’s report states that the Russian was detained with a handgun at the “approach to Kursk”. The distance between Kursk and the border of the Volgograd region is more than five hundred kilometers, the Russian service “BBC” notes.

Under the articles on sabotage and terrorism, criminal responsibility is provided for from ten years to life imprisonment.

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