A selfie that created a stir across the world! Narendra Modi and Giorgia Meloni accepted their friendship, Italian PM’s post on #Melodi went viral

It is said that two good friends have the same chemistry. Even if two people are from different countries. We have seen and heard many stories and tales of friendship among common people, but in the context of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this experience is different. The meeting between Italian PM Giorgia Meloni and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G20 summit was presented differently on social media. A lot of memes were made. By combining the names of both, a hashtag was also created with the name Melody. The videos of the PMs of both the countries went viral like wildfire on social media. Many fake stories were also created with the help of artificial intelligence. Tremendous chemistry was also visible in their friendship. Now, two months after the G20, the Prime Ministers of the two countries met once again during COP28 in Dubai. Now Indian #Melodi has responded to the hashtag.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s ‘#Melody’ post that went viral and wrote, “It’s always a pleasure to meet friends.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni’s viral ex-post, where she shared a selfie of herself with the hashtag ‘Melody’. Retweeting the post, PM Modi wrote, ‘It is always pleasant to meet friends.’ The Italian PM’s post went viral and within minutes #Melodi became the top trend. At the time of writing this report, the post had been viewed 22.2 million times on X.

The selfie shared by the Italian Prime Minister on Friday was taken on the sidelines of the COP28 meeting in Dubai. The hashtag, ‘Melody’, has been circulating on social media platforms since September, when India hosted this year’s G20 summit. The cordiality between the two Prime Ministers had caught people’s attention. When PM Modi welcomed him, he shook hands with him. After a brief conversation, both the leaders started laughing loudly while exchanging pleasantries.

One such moment was captured between PM Modi and Georgia Meloni during the COP28 meeting in Dubai on Friday. Some talks took place between the two leaders in the meeting and the Italian PM started laughing loudly. PM Modi arrived in Dubai on Thursday night and had a busy day-long schedule, addressing four sessions at the UN Climate Change Conference. He addressed the inaugural session of the World Climate Action Summit, formally inaugurated the high-level segment for Heads of State and Government, participated in the Presidency session on climate finance transition, another high-level event on the Green Credit Program and a leadership Group for Industry Transition (LEADIT) programme. He also launched a Green Credit initiative at the World Climate Action Summit.

Heartiest congratulations @SE_Rajoelina on your re-election as the President of Madagascar. Look forward to working closely with you to further strengthen India-Madagascar partnership and Vision SAGAR.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) December 2, 2023

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