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By Julia Baudin

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A resident of Montargis. Screenshot – Special correspondent – France 2

Entitled “Riots: small towns, big chaos”, the report broadcast on November 30 on France 2, reports how a business manager and father managed to chase away the thugs who broke into his house.

The issue of the investigative magazine “Correspondent”broadcast this Thursday, November 30 on France 2, had the main theme “Riots: small towns, big chaos”, a look back on images, it must be said, that is quite astonishing on the excesses committed in June 2023 by angry youth – at the very least one certain youth – in the context of the death of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old teenager, killed by a police officer after refusing to comply. The major national media broadcast thousands of images daily of the damage committed in major cities. What about municipalities of medium or lesser importance?

A serious subject

The team of reporters, Clément Le Goff, Cyril Théophilos, Stéphane Bidart and Harold Horoks, went to Montargis, sub-prefecture of Loiret, to meet Mayor LR Benoît Digeon and his constituents. Among them, shopkeepers who testify to the terrible hours they experienced – smashed stores, burning pharmacies, looted jewelry stores… -, elected officials who attest to their legitimate dismay, police officers, teenagers, faces blurred, who glorify themselves of the damage caused, and a few individuals, such as this father, victim, in the middle of the night, of a memorable intrusion.

“I am a business manager and on the evening of the riots, I chased the rioters out of my house”said this man in his fifties. “That evening, his pavilion was the only one to have been attacked (…). Attackers have just broken down his solid oak gate to try to steal his luxury car.. Images flash of the break-in. The explanations follow one another. No time to call the police. “I wasn’t going to go down empty-handed in my underwear with seven or eight hooded hoodlums who had returned. I didn’t know there were riots. I didn’t know who these guys were. On the other hand, I knew that my wife and my last two sons were there and that there was no question of anything happening to her…” added the witness.

A very picturesque sequence

In a panic, this former medieval fencer grabbed one of his tournament weapons to defend himself, managing to chase away the attackers who were already installed in his car with his blunt sword… We can imagine the scene , both terrifying and picturesque, of this notable and good father defeating the little thugs who came from the neighborhoods to steal his Tesla. And it is of course this sequence that the political cl and social networks have seized upon, relaying it at will, some saluting the courage of this exemplary citizen, others asking the question of self-defense.

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Such as this post, on Twitter, from European MP LR Nadine Morano. Or this TikTok video, whose comments are edifying. Or an article published on the Boulevard Voltaire website, entitled: “Montargis: when well-bred France raises its head”. To be continued…

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