“A soundscape is more complex than a score”

Jérôme Sueur, ecoacoustician and author of earth sound (South Acts). PHINEAS RUECKERT/AFP

INTERVIEW - The scientific advisor of the "MusicAnimale" exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris, is also the author of the earth soundcollection of his radio chronicles on France Inter.

A specialist in cicada song, Jérôme Sueur is an eco-acoustician at the National Museum of Natural History. Scientific advisor of the "MusicAnimale" exhibition at the Philharmonie from Paris, he published before the summer, with Actes Sud, The Sound of the Earthcollection of his radio chronicles on France Inter.

LE FIGARO. - What is ecoacoustics, and how does it differ from bioacoustics?

Jerome Sweat. - Ecoacoustics is a discipline directly derived from bioacoustics, which itself is at the crossroads of two sciences: biology and acoustics. Bioacoustics is concerned with animal behavior, studying the production and interpretation of sounds in the animal world. Ecoacoustics seeks to follow the evolution of a soundscape as a whole, to analyze its richness and complexity… And to estimate the impact of disturbances such as climate change or direct human activity on this biodiversity.

The ecological dimension is therefore at the heart of your…

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