“A suffering”: technicians denounce the conditions of filming of the series “So far everything is fine”

The “worst shooting” of their lives. Fifteen members of Nawell Madani’s series technical team ” So far, so good “broadcast since April on Netflix, described the particularly harsh conditions in which the series was made, in an investigation published on Sunday by Mediapart. They depict humiliations, a climate of permanent tension, even situations of endangerment, experienced during the filming in 2022 of this series – which was the most watched in France when it was released, and had remained in the top 10 of the platform for four weeks.

“This filming was nothing but suffering”, testifies a member of the team to Mediapart, when another even evokes symptoms of “post-traumatic stress”. “I was going to work the ball in the stomach every day, also entrusts a sound technician. This shoot has transformed us. For everyone there was a time when we didn’t recognize each other because we were aggressive or unpleasant because of this permanent tension. »

Netflix sent a referent on the set

This deleterious atmosphere – described by all of the people interviewed by Mediapart, with the exception of two actresses, who evoke “completely normal and professional conditions” – would have been established from the first day of filming. Witnesses thus evoke bullying on orientation launched that day against one of the members of the team by the director Nawell Madani. Other episodes revealing this climate are reported, such as when a technician was loaded into the trunk of a car driven by an actress who did not have a license.

Two high-ranking members of the filming team, the production manager and the general manager, slammed the door before the end, also indicates Mediapart, which evokes a “rare fact in the world of cinema”. Made aware of the situation after several alerts launched by employees, Netflix had ended up dispatching a “referent” on the set. But the latter had not helped to calm things down, according to people interviewed by the investigative media.

Neither Nawell Madani nor his lawyer responded to Mediapart’s requests.

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