a third of small pensions revalued in the fall, ures Olivier Dussopt

A third of the 1.7 million pensioners concerned by the revaluation of small pensions will benefit from it this autumn, announced on Friday 1er september on France 2the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt.

The Minister explained that “600,000 [retraités] will receive this increase in the fall, in the coming weeks and in particular on the payment of the September pension. [Pour] the others, it will be staggered until the beginning of 2024 because many policyholders have contributed to several different funds, so careers must be reconstituted”. If retirees do not receive this revaluation “that in February or March 2024, it will be retroactive and therefore we will pay them all that we should have paid them since the 1er september “ured Mr. Dussopt.

This revaluation is 100 euros per month for a full career at minimum wage and a prorated amount for incomplete careers. Also, “8 million French people did a simulation to find out” new rules resulting from the reform. This new simulator (on the site info-retraite.fr) “has been working since the beginning of June thanks to the enormous work of the services of the National Old Age Insurance Fund and all the pension funds”welcomed the Minister.

The pension reform came into force on Friday with “83% of application texts” published measurements. “Some measures will come into force only in 2024 or even in 2025 and therefore the decrees will be published in the coming weeks”.

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