A transport check could soon be paid to the most modest French people

The State is preparing to pay around fifty euros to certain French people to offset the increases in the cost of public transport.

The government continues to multiply the gestures to protect the purchasing power of the French. The government would have budgeted a transport check, in the amount of 50 euros, according to information revealed by The Parisian. The Ministry of Transport, contacted by Le Figarodeclares that he will not “no comment on the measures announced” by the newspaper.

This financial aid would be intended for the most modest French people, to participate in their daily transport expenses. The Parisian specifies that the cursor of the beneficiaries is not yet stopped, but that it should go until the lower middle class, even higher. This targeting is consistent with recent statements by the government, which wishes to turn the page on the "whatever it takes" and general aid for focus more on the French people who need it the most.

The check should be distributed directly by the State, bypassing the regional level, which is nevertheless competent in terms of public transport. The president of the Île-de-France region has also recently alerted to likely increases in transport costs on the Ile-de-France network. To remedy this, Valérie Pécresse summoned the State of reduce VAT from 10% to 5.5% on transport – a measure that would generate 150 million euros in savings for the region. "I felt a reluctance from the government", declared Valérie Pécresse after submitting this measure to the Prime Minister. And for good reason.

The president of SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, has also indicated that the explosion in electricity prices in recent months will force the company to increase its prices, both on the TGV lines and on the regional lines, TER and Transilien. The check, of around fifty euros, should not however concern users of national lines, and in particular high-speed lines.

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