a visual of the FFF clumsily uses the Greek alphabet and provokes mockery


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The poster published by the French team caused a lot of reaction. Screenshot of the French team’s X account.

THE SPORT SCAN – Before the Blues’ match in Athens this Tuesday evening, the French team’s account published a visual inspired by ancient Greece, but got confused with the alphabet.

Ready for the Grscs-Frlpcs clash this Tuesday evening (8:45 p.m.)? In few hours, the French team challenges Greece in Athens, to complete its year 2023 and the qualifying campaign for Euro 2024. Already qualified, Didier Deschamps’ players have the opportunity to validate a perfect run in the qualifiers, a secondary objective but which apparently inspired, rather clumsily, the Blues account on social networks. This morning, the FFF published a visual on the theme of ancient Greece and wanted to include the name of the poster “Greece-France” in Greek letters. An original idea but a complete failure, according to connoisseurs who read “Grscs-Frlpcs” instead.

The letters “Σ”, “Λ” and “Π” used in fact to replace the E, A and N of the Latin (and therefore French) alphabet actually correspond to the letters S, L and P in Greek. Hence the reading error identified by many Internet users on X (formerly Twitter). “My eyes bleed in front of so much negligence and incompetence (…) Stop using the Greek alphabet haphazardly just to satisfy your desire for exoticism please», reacted in particular Alexandros Kottis, a French journalist based in Athens.

Beyond the vehement reactions, the Community manager of the Blues account received numerous light messages, making fun of this visual error, clumsy but in no way insulting. It remains to be hoped that the “Frlpcs” team will have a better day on the pitch than its communications department.

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