A woman from Toulouse invents the first menstrual cup applicator

On social networks, its menstrual cup applicator is a hit, with more than 10 million views! Converted to this more ecological object than tampons, Lola Perez, a 25-year-old from Toulouse, has been working for more than a year to develop an applicator, based on the model of that of tampons. After several dozen prototypes designed with his partner Anouar Bouiba, in May 2023 they created the company My Better Period – “my best rules – to market their innovation 100% made in France and with healthy components for the body, namely a tube in medical silicone and a recycled plastic pusher.

“After a traumatic incident in 2017 with a tampon that I had forgotten for several daysthe gynecologist I consulted made me aware chemicals in tampons and risks for my body, says Lola Perez, who is currently preparing for the lawyer exam at the Toulouse bar. Not to mention the environmental impact of millions of tampons! I started using the menstrual cup but sometimes it took me five minutes to insert it. That’s when I thought about creating an applicator.”

Once the product was developed, the student tested it with her friends, with very positive feedback. On October 15, she organized a pre-sale where 300 copies were sold in one hour. To begin production of its applicator, a prize pool has been launched on November 5 for a month on Ulule to raise nearly 40,000 euros. The applicator works with the majority of menstrual cups, adapts to all body shapes and is inserted in three seconds. It is sold for 35 euros and a kit also including a menstrual cup is offered for 40 euros.

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