a year after the euphoria, the return to earth

The metaverse is defined as the immersive future of the internet. Credit: Diglife – Adobe Stock

STORY – The too early runaway of brands gives way to caution.

That was a year ago, and it seems like an eternity. On October 29, 2021, mark zuckerberg announced with great fanfare that the Facebook group was renaming itself Meta in order to mark its new objective: to build the metaverse, the immersive future of the internet. This word, taken from the science fiction literature of the 1990s, immediately hit everyone’s lips. Start-ups have added the word “metaverse” description of their activities. On LinkedInof the “metaverse specialists” hatched overnight. The actors of web3 claimed this term. And brands have rushed into the trend.“You had to be among the first to plant the stick”, entrust one of them to the Figaro.

Purchases of virtual land at exorbitant prices, sales of NFTpresence on FortniteWhere Minecraftimmersive concerts… not a day goes by without a company claiming to take its first steps in the metaverseat the cost of a stinging“bad buzz” for low-quality operations. “There was a race…

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