a young Arsenal prodigy stands out by scoring… 10 goals against Liverpool


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Chido Obi-Martin. Chido Obi-Martin Instagram screenshot.

THE SPORT SCAN – Chido Obi-Martin, 15-year-old striker, is creating buzz after single-handedly ridiculing the Liverpool U16 defense.

No, it’s not just The french team who scored 14 goals last weekend. On Saturday, the Arsenal U16s humiliated Liverpool with a score of 14-3 with ten goals scored by… the same player, named Chido Obi-Martin. A true phenomenon, the 15-year-old striker is making waves with the Gunners. The Danish U17 international has already played with the London club’s U18s, U19s and U21s and has even trained with the first team managed by Mikel Arteta.

The one who will soon celebrate his 16th birthday on November 29, also distinguished himself in the Youth League during the two matches against Sevilla FC. To the point of impressing Ian Wright, great scorer and Arsenal legend, quoted by The Mirror. “Chido Obi-Martin, he’s 15, honestly he’s 6’2”, he looks really fast”. In reality, Obi-Martin measures 1.88m and maintains excellent statistics in the selection with seven goals in nine matches for the Denmark U17s.

“When you look at ‘Chido,’ he doesn’t look like someone who isn’t 16 yetexplained his coach Jesper Mikkelsen in Bold.dk. He’s really dominant because of his physique, but I don’t think that’s the only reason. He’s big and strong, but also reasonably agile. “He’s good at sticking to the game, but he’s also good at challenging and dribbling.” Promised for a great career, the Gunners’ new nugget should quickly attract all the spotlight in the Premier League. Especially since his choice of selection promises to be crucial, between Denmark, England and Nigeria, his country of origin.

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