A young woman learns of her selection for “Star Academy” live in “Quotidien”

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A golden surprise for Lola. TMC screenshot

VIDEO – The production made Lola believe that she had to p one last audition. It was a ruse to bring him to the TMC set and tell him the good news.

For the return of “Star Academy” Last year, after ten years of absence, TF1 increased its drama. The channel did it again to announce season 11, which arrives on November 4 on the air. A young woman, the very first member of the cl of 2023, learned of her selection live in “Quotidien”, this Tuesday, September 26. The woman named Lola had been invited to the studios to, she was told, have one last audition. It was a ruse to tell him the good news from the TMC set.

Lola, 21, from Isère, perfectly dressed, hesitates between laughter and tears when Yann Barthès confirms to her: “You are part of the new Star Ac promotion”. “Do you realize that you are going to meet Nikos Aliagas?”, he continues to make her move to the side of laughter. This young woman, who studies psychology, looks after children and perfects her dance techniques the rest of the time, confides that this is indeed a “dream” that she realizes. Like many participants, she followed the first seasons of the show as a child.

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For this eleventh season of musical talent show, TF1 promises some new features. According to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure, the channel would have decided to extend the duration of the program and extend it to three months. Like the very first edition which revealed Jenifer in 2001, the future academicians will celebrate Christmas at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys.

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