Abaya, school uniform, school holidays… what to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s interview

By Dinah Cohen

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Emmanuel Macron is interviewed on Monday by journalist Hugo Travers, creator of the YouTube channel “HugoDécrypte”. Capture Youtube @Hugodecrypte

The Head of State detailed the files for the start of the school year in a long interview devoted to “the future of young people” on the YouTube channel “HugoDécrypte”.

There are many files for the start of the school year, and the president will be there. In any case, this is the message that Emmanuel Macron tried to convey on Monday evening, in a long interview with Hugo Travers and broadcast on his YouTube channel “HugoDécrypte”. A back-to-school interview devoted to “the future of young people”, in which the Head of State spoke about the sites he wishes to open in the months to come. The tenant of the Élysée returned in particular to the abaya banannounced by its Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, and which continues to arouse criticism.

After Elisabeth Borne on Sunday, it is therefore Emmanuel Macron’s turn to provide after-sales service for this measure. “The minister was right to be clear“, immediately affirmed the Head of State, not hesitating to “congratulate“the youngest of the macronie. “It doesn’t stigmatize anyone“, he added. Because “it is a subject where one must be intractable. Now, everyone has to line up.“According to the Head of State, it is a question of responding to a situation endangering the school”free, secular and compulsory“. “We don’t want to know where (our children) come from, what they think. It’s an element of justice, because we’re training republicans and citizens.»

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Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to address the issue of the uniform, which Gabriel Attal wants to experiment with in the fall. Rather favorable to an experiment on the scale of the heads of establishments, the tenant of the Élysée finally also validated this announcement there, relating the “pressurewhich weighs on the subject. “Experimenting, evaluating, will inform the public debate“, he argued. Claiming to be inclined toavoid outfits that send you back to a religion, because it excludes you and it separates you“, And “avoid outfits that put social stigma” where are “too eccentric“, for the same reasons.

More targeted measures

An argument of “justice“Repeated at the mention of school holidays, which the Head of State wishes to rethink. The topic must be open “without tabooand through consultation. “Do we have the best conditions for learning? The answer is no“, he advanced. Before uring that the major holidays are actually “the worst inequality“. “A young man from a popular neighborhood, he returns to 1er September, he does not have his level of 1er July. It usually has its level mid-May, end of May.Emmanuel Macron also wants to integrate more sports and cultural activities into school time, starting in primary school.

In this exchange dedicated to youth, the tenant of the Élysée also dwelt on the question of ecology. A roadmap dedicated to ecological planning, long awaited, must be presented by Élisabeth Borne in the coming days. In particular, it will include reduction targets “drastic» greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

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More targeted measures, such as the introduction of an unlimited p for local transport already in place in Germany, are also being studied by the Ministry of Transport in partnership with the regions. Particularly awaited by the youngest, after an once again scorching summer, Emmanuel Macron mentioned “a generational battle“. “It is our responsibility, we will be there for the results.»

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