Abaya, uniform, school rhythm: Emmanuel Macron’s announcements against HugoDécrypte

In full return marked by the debate on the uniform And the abaya controversy, he was to speak about the situation of young people, students and schoolchildren in the country. Interviewed by YouTuber and journalist Hugo Décrypte this Monday on TikTok and YouTube, President Emmanuel Macron defended his latest measures and positions on secularism at school, student working time, or even the experimentation of ‘uniform.

Macron defends abaya ban

It was one of the hot topics of the fall. He umes it. Asked about the ban on wearing the abaya in schools, the President of the Republic defended this decision, advocating a strict application of secularism. “From kindergarten to the baccalaureate, the school is secular and there is no place for the religious sign”, he repeated, ensuring not to stigmatize “no one”.

“Who is stigmatizing? People who push the abaya,” the president thundered. “It’s a choice that invites something, that says ‘I’m different and I come to school like that'”, insists the head of state, recommending discussion and explanation between the heads of school and parents, or students. “The question of secularism is a deep question”, added Emmanuel Macron, counting approximately “500 establishments” subjected to the “pressure” of wearing this garment considered religious.

The president open to experimenting with the uniform

As mentioned by the Minister of Education Gabriel Attal on Monday, the Head of State said he was open to experimenting with the school uniform, or a “unique outfit”, such as “jeans , a t-shirt and a jacket. “The issue of unique dress is in my opinion more acceptable, may seem a little less strict from a disciplinary point of view,” he added.

The objective: to promote “secularism and a little the idea that we have of decency”, to avoid any outfit that “excludes or separates”. For this, no timetable has been established at this stage. “I am for us to watch and experiment”, so as to advance “the public debate”, argued Emmanuel Macron.

Fewer vacations, more sport and culture at school

“The subject of holidays is a subject that must be open”, defended Emmanuel Macron, who wants to “rethink holidays and school time”, judging “attractive” the German model, where lessons are organized in the morning, and the he afternoon is devoted to extracurricular activities.

This model has yet to be discussed with professionals in the field, but the President of the Republic is already imagining a timetable where “each student does at least half an hour of sport per day, even an hour”, and practices a cultural activity. a few hours a week.

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