About 70 fresh graves were discovered near Yekaterinburg

About 70 fresh graves were discovered near Yekaterinburg

Almost 70 graves with identical crosses and wreaths appeared at the cemetery in Berezovskoe, Sverdlovsk Region, in a few weeks. Among those buried are those previously convicted of serious crimes. This is reported by the E1.ru portal.

According to the employees of the ritual service, the dead are brought to this cemetery, whose relatives could not be found promptly. “As the PMC said, after a death, they look for relatives for three days. If they can’t find them, they just take them to where they gave a place in Russia, and bury them themselves,” the employee explained.

All the graves contain the bodies of men who died in January and February aged 25 to 53. The names of at least a few E1.ru journalists were found in the files of court cases. For example, in 2017, a resident of the Kurgan region killed a female veteran of the Second World War. He broke into the house of a 90-year-old pensioner, hit her on the head with a metal object and stole four medals.

The journalists also spoke with a relative of one of those buried in Berezovsky: she came to pick up the body. The deceased from Chelyabinsk fought in Ukraine as part of the PMC “Wagner”, which he joined while in prison for attempted murder. Earlier, he was tried for theft, robbery, threatening to kill and beatings that resulted in death.

His relative noticed that a week earlier there was only one row of graves in the cemetery, but now there are already two.

  • Earlier, the graves of the mercenaries of PMC “Wagner” who died in Ukraine were discovered in the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea. Some of the deceased were also tried on serious charges.

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