“Above all, you must not be resentful in this profession”

“Above all, you must not be resentful in this profession”

Dany Boon and Nadia Tereszkiewicz in François Ozon’s latest film, My crime. Carole Bethuel/Gaumont

INTERVIEW – Dany Boon at François Ozon, we asked to see. We saw. In My crimethe clown ch’ti is perfect in the costume of Palmarède, an entrepreneur from Marseille.

Meeting with a hypermnesiac actor, able to recite by heart the reviews published on his films. Especially the bad ones.

Le Figaro. – How did you get on My crime ?

Danny BOON. – Francois Ozon called me to offer me the role of Palmaréde. I was delighted and flattered, I like his cinema. Even if I still have a little apprehension. Am I being called for the right reasons? Do I fit the role? I read the script, I find it intelligent and funny, in line with eight women And Vase. When Ozon makes comedies, women have the leading role, which is quite rare in French comedy.

For a ch’ti, is it fun to play a Marseillais?

We worked a lot on the accent with François. We went through the ch’ti, the Belgian, before returning to the character of the play, a Marseillais. It amused me to do a composition role. I trained myself to take the Provençal accent. It didn’t have to be caricatural. Marseillais who have seen the…

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