Abused 16-year-old girl, arrested – Sözcü

The suspect, who sexually abused a 16-year-old girl by covering her mouth with one hand and stroking her genitals with the other, was caught and arrested.

16-year-old girl molested and arrested

In the incident that took place in the Hisarbaşı District of Muğla’s Milas district, 4 days ago in the evening, he alleged that he followed 16-year-old Ş.U. to a secluded street, then closed his mouth and pulled him into a corner, and then sexually abused him by stroking his genitals. The 26-year-old MoH went to the District Police Department with his family, and the police launched an investigation upon a complaint made by Ş.U. It was stated that Ş.U., who had a nervous breakdown after the incident and was taken to the hospital by the ambulance called by his family, was receiving treatment.

District Police Chiefs teams analyzed 600 hours of camera footage obtained from 46 homes and workplaces and identified the suspect. Follow up technically, the suspect SB was caught by the police in the house where he was hiding.

SB was arrested by the court he was brought to and sent to prison.

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