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After the Ministry of Commerce banned the advertit of vehicles for second-hand car sales above the sales price recommended by the manufacturer, opportunists developed new methods.


'Accessory' trap in second-hand sales

Within the scope of the measures taken by the Ministry of Commerce for the second-hand automobile market, opportunists write low prices in the adver they publish on the internet, after it is prohibited to advertise vehicles above the sales price recommended by the manufacturer. Opportunists attract people who want to buy a car and then tell the callers that the price has increased by using equipment, accessories and maintenance as an excuse.


Fahri Karlık, who buys and sells second-hand cars in Izmir, said that with the measures, the buying and selling of the cars in question has returned to real dealers. Stating that they are very happy for this, Karlık said, “However, opportunists have developed new methods. Because they say ‘It will not exceed the dealer price’ due to the law imposed by the state, they write below the desired price and add plus the accessories amount. This is not right. Friends who are definitely going to buy a vehicle should not fall for such tricks. There is no such thing as accessory money. “We definitely do not accept it,” he said.


Stating that the prices in the second-hand market have decreased, Karlık said, “Actually, now is the perfect time to buy. Prices have actually fallen. The numbers we call bubbles have disappeared. Now the vehicles have returned to their real numbers. They should take advantage of this opportunity because there is no guarantee what the prices will be again tomorrow. Prices per vehicle have returned by approximately 20 percent to 25 percent. In other words, a vehicle costing 1 million came to 800 thousand liras. A vehicle costing 800 thousand liras decreased to 700 thousand liras. So there are serious declines. The bubble in the auto trading market has disappeared. Now is the time for opportunity. Vehicles returned to their real value. There is no activity right now. The market is very stagnant. Markets are stagnant due to the rise in interest rates and the disappearance of hot money in the market, but this is temporary. “Today will p tomorrow,” he said.


Aşkın Doğan, who buys and sells cars, said, “Our second-hand market has been at a complete standstill for the last 2-3 months. We had tradesmen selling 20-25 cars a month. Currently, those numbers have been reduced to 6-7. The tradesmen are going through such a difficult situation. After the pandemic, the price of new vehicles increased and there were no new cars. This time, the second-hand market became ridiculous when people started to demand second-hand goods rather than paying the money and making them wait for 7-8 months. There is such disorder in the market. Now there are also accessory opportunists. It shouldn’t happen. The vehicle’s package, model and price are already known. Now, I have installed rims, no parking sensors, no, I did this, I did that, they are asking exaggerated prices for chrome plating. “This is not the real market of this market,” he said. (DHA)

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