Accident A14, Silvestrone’s wife: “She didn’t answer. Discovered that he was dead on the web ”

Accident A14, Silvestrone’s wife: “She didn’t answer.  Discovered that he was dead on the web ”

“A great tragedy, unbridgeable.” She still cannot comprehend the death of her husband and two of her children, Barbara Carota, wife of Andrea Silvestrone, a 51-year-old Paralympic tennis player who died yesterday in a road accident on the A14 in Grottammare (Ascoli Piceno) while in the car, carrying the three children, he went to Ravenna to visit his mother and brother; her 14-year-old Nicole and 8-year-old Brando also died in the crash, while the third 12-year-old son is hospitalized in Pediatric Intensive Care in Ancona. The family dog, a Maltese that they had called “Vamos”, after the battle cry that Andrea launched at every point obtained on the “wheelchair” tennis courts, also died.

The thought of the woman, a social-health worker in a private clinic, focuses on her son in the hospital. «He underwent surgery this morning and will undergo another operation tomorrow. They told me it’s an operation they do, everything should be fine», says Barbara, surrounded in pain by family members who try to comfort her, and somehow reassured by the doctors: «at least her life isn’t in danger . I learned that he said his name, he asked where they were taking him, I don’t know anything else », continues Barbara who will probably go to Ancona tomorrow to visit the child. She and Andrea had been together for about fifteen years. The last time she spoke to her husband and children was the previous evening, on her phone: «they told me they were going to Ravenna where her mother and brother live»; “Andrea regularly drove a car with an automatic gearbox. – she says – They told me that there was work in progress on that stretch of motorway, I don’t know what happened ».

In the junctures of the accident, perhaps due to a “premonition”, Barbara tried to call her husband and two older children without receiving an answer. «Then it occurred to me to look on the mobile phone if there had been an accident on the motorway and I saw what had happened…».

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