Accumulation of employment and retirement or gradual retirement, how to choose?

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What is the difference between taking a gradual retirement and combining employment and retirement?

The combination of employment and retirement and gradual retirement both allow you to receive a retirement pension while working.

Being in progressive retirement means maintaining active status and benefiting from additional income linked to retirement. You continue to acquire rights to all your earned income, which can then allow you to retire at full rate (i.e. with an unreduced pension rate), or even with a premium.

Being in combined employment and retirement means maintaining your retired status and benefiting from additional working income. With this system, we also continue to acquire new retirement rights, since the reform came into force in September.

But the principle is different: you build up a second retirement pension under the basic plan (and the Agirc-Arrco supplementary plan, if you are an employee) – pensions which are sometimes capped and conditioned, with no possible premium.

Gradual retirement will be chosen more by people who are not yet old enough to retire but who wish to limit their activity.

The combination of employment and retirement corresponds to people who can retire (possibly reduced if they do not have all their quarters), but who wish or need to temporarily supplement their income by resuming an activity.

Françoise Kleinbauer(CEO of France Retraite)

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