Accused of being infested with bed bugs, the UGC Ciné-Cité de Bercy defends itself



The UGC Ciné-Cité cinema in Bercy, in the 12e district of Paris. PIERRE-FRANCK COLOMBIER / AFP

In a two-page press release, the establishment considers that the problem concerns “all places welcoming the public”. No compensation is provided for stung spectators.

“This press release is intended to provide a factual response to the situation in the form of a question and answer”. Accused for several weeks on social networks to be infested with bedbugsthe UGC Ciné-Cité cinema in Bercy, in the 12e rounding, comes out of the silence. The establishment, which kept its doors open without warning its spectators of a possible health concern, neither confirms nor denies the accusations. The cinema, however, admits having “engaged the emergency procedure” related to reports of bed bugs.

In two pages of questions and answers, the cinema denies having been against the rules of hygiene. And sometimes kicks in touch. At the question “Are there still bed bugs in the UGC Bercy cinema?”the establishment responds with a terse response. “The cinema was treated in accordance with the emergency procedure.” Before promising that if new customer reports are reported to management, then the rooms of Bercy will be treated again.

“The scourge of bedbugs affects all places open to the public as well as private homes in France”

UGC press release

The Parisian cinema denies any failure. “The scourge of bed bugs affects all places open to the public as well as private homes in France.” Before giving some figures from the National Health Security Agency on the annual cost of treatment against pests (230 million euros). And to conclude that “UGC cinemas are therefore exposed to this risk, like all places open to the public in France.”

What about spectators who have been bitten by insects? Cinema is said to beSincerely sorry“, while recalling that it is “very complex to establish the origin of a bed bug bite“, since “all places open to the public are concerned“. No possibility of compensation is mentioned. In a final part, the cinema explains that it chose to speak on Monday for reasons of “transparency”.

Four cinemas accused

In Parisian establishments, however, the proliferation of bed bugs seems to be limited to a few establishments. On social networks (mainly X, ex-Twitter), Internet users accuse four cinemas: UGC Les Halles, UGC Bercy, MK2 Bibliothèque and MK2 Beaubourg.

Moviegoers criticize the establishments for having allowed the pests to proliferate without warning the public, or closing the cinemas the time to deal with the pests.

For several weeks, the rumor had continued to swell on the networks before being widely relayed by the press, including Le Figaro . A disastrous advertit for the establishments, and especially the UGC Bercy, which waited to be in “top tweet” on X to react publicly to controversy.

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