Accused of sexual harassment, videographer Léo Grasset breaks his silence

Videographer Léo Grasset published a 34-minute video on Saturday in which he delivers his version of the facts in reaction to the investigation into him published by Mediapart in June. Youtube/Dirty Biology screenshot

The French popularizer challenged the facts of which he is accused and reproached Mediapart, which had revealed the affair in June, of “manufacture a sordid image” of him with what he considers to be truncated quotations and misinterpretations.

four months later the filing of a complaint for sexual harassment against videographer Léo Grasset, says Dirty Biology, the science popularizer published a right of reply on Saturday, after having remained silent about the facts with which he is accused. Faced with the accusations against him and which were revealed in June by MediapartLéo Grasset called into question the journalistic investigation which would make him “a dishonest portrait, with blows “innuendo”.

In his answer of about thirty minutes posting on Youtubethe videographer challenged the charges brought against him, questioning in particular the use by the two journalists of Mediapart of what he considers to be “truncated quotes”decontextualized from a discussion “in the fourth degree” or having been misinterpreted.

“Vicious Effects”

“I had a sometimes messy love life, I also sometimes make big redneck jokes”commented the interested party who readily admits having had “volatile behavior” and “full of bedtime stories”. He accuses, on the other hand, the article published in June of being enamelled, in charge or not, “vicious effects”, such as the repetition of sentences indicating, after shock information, that he did not wish to respond to journalists when he had only once declined their interview offer. Further on, he also criticizes the article for assimilating his professional dispute with the Arte channel to the acts of harassment of which he is accused, even though they have no connection with each other.

Léo Grasset was also indignant that the Mediapart journalists did not question themselves, or that they did not highlight the strong ties that unite all of his accusers, who know each other and all belong to the “tiny middle of Youtube». Returning to the complaint of which he has been the subject since July, the videographer was content to specify to wait “that the procedure progresses” and that he remained at the disposal of justice.

On June 23, Mediapart revealed the accusations made by eight women against Léo Grasset about acts of harassment, toxic behavior and even, for one of them, rape. Three of these accusers had been invited in the process to testify in front of the camera on the media set. A fourth, Clothilde Chamussy, filed a complaint the following month for “repeatedly imposed remarks or behavior with a sexual or sexist connotation”.

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