Adam Siao Him Fa 3rd at the end of the short program of the NHK Trophy

Adam Siao Him Fa took third place in the NHK Trophy short program on Friday in Sapporo. After his quadruple toe-loop – triple toe-loop combination, the Frenchman had more difficult receptions on his triple axel and his quadruple salchow. With 87.44 pts, Siao Him Fa ranks behind Sota Yamamoto (96.49 pts) and world champion Shoma Uno (91.66 pts).

If he keeps Saturday at the end of the free program a place on the podium, Siao Him Fa, winner of his first Grand Prix in Angers two weeks ago will have a good chance of qualifying for the Grand Prix Final (Turin, December 9-11), which brings together the six best skaters in the world at the start of the season.

The other Frenchmen involved, Camille and Pavel Kovalev in pairs are 5th at the end with 55.36 pts of a short program won by the Japanese Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara (78.25 pts). Yelim Kim (72.22 pts) signed the best short program among women. In dance, Laurence Fournier-Beaudry and Nikolaj Soerensen were dominant in the rhythm dance. The Canadians are ahead of the American world bronze medalists Madison Chock and Eva Bates (85.66 pts against 85.00 pts).

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