Advertising: the 2024 edition of the Super Bowl breaks all records

In the United States, no television program attracts advertisers as much as the broadcast of the Super Bowl. The 2024 edition rose to the top again: Sunday evening, during the final in Las Vegas, the price of the advertising spot reached $7 million per 30 seconds, like last year. Overall, brands have spent $650 million on advertising, according to Dentsu, an unprecedented figure.

And for good reason: the American football competition was played to a sold-out crowd in the Allegiant stadium, 65,000 seats. The average ticket price approached $9,000, and as the big day approached, organizers were concerned about the lack of parking spaces for private jets.

But the real show was on television, with at least 110 million spectators expected, according to initial estimates, or a third of the population. They enjoyed the close-ups of singer Taylor Swift who came to applaud her sweetheart Travis Kelce, on the victorious Kansas City Chiefs team (the San Francisco 49ers lost).

Ben Affleck, Beyoncé, Cardi B

The “big match” is also an opportunity for Americans to indulge in an orgy of advertising of much better quality than what is broadcast on television all year round. They are numerous – because like basketball, American football lends itself to multiple advertising interruptions – and populated by celebrities.

The donut seller Dunkin Donuts featured no less than four stars, the actors Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, and the athlete Tom Brady. We also saw Beyoncé trying to “break the Internet” on behalf of the telecommunications operator Verizon with a new song, or the rapper Cardi B simpering to promote NYX cosmetics.

The rate for 30 seconds of commercial space has increased by 1.5 million in four years. It has doubled in twelve years. Added to this expense is the artists’ fee, which is always crazier. This shows if advertisers believe in the power of the Super Bowl.

Budweiser and Kennedy repent

The Budweiser brand, which was pilloried last year for its overly “woke” communication, and saw its sales collapse, took advantage of the opportunity to broadcast consensual adver. Car manufacturers Kia, BMW and Volkswagen have highlighted their electric vehicles, at a time when enthusiasm for these models is waning.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had to apologize to his cousins ​​because of a sepia and retro commercial superimposing his photo and that of his late uncle, President Kennedy. The presidential candidate, anti-vaccine and conspiracy theorist, was ostracized by his illustrious family.

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