Affordable draw for French clubs in the Champions League

The draw for the group stage of the men’s and women’s Champions League was made on Friday. Overall, the four French clubs in the running have inherited affordable squads. On the men’s side, Montpellier, the French champion, will face the Poles of Jastrzebski (where the French Benjamin Toniutti, Stephen Boyer and Trevor Clévenot play), the Germans of Friedrichshafen and the Serbs of Novi Sad.

Tours VB will cross paths with the Italians of Civitanova, the Belgians of Roeselare and a third opponent still undetermined. There are five pools of four teams. The first and the three best runners-up will qualify for the quarter-finals. The formula is the same for the female C1.

Le Cannet, reigning French champion, will challenge the Italians of Monza, the Romanians of Blaj and the Ukrainians of Dnipro. The draw was a little tougher for Mulhouse, who will be opposed to the Italians from Conegliano, the Polish from Rzeszow (trained by Stéphane Antiga) and a third opponent still unknown.

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